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AjkerDeal.com is known as “The largest online shopping marketplace in Bangladesh”, this B2C online marketplace which was launched in September 2011 in Bangladesh. All through the most recent nine years, AjkerDeal has been experimenting to win the trust of Bangladeshi customers who shop online and now has become the most famous online shopping portal in Bangladesh for both online buyers and sellers. Moreover, AjkerDeal.com is now offering the immigrant Bangladeshis to buy their product from outside of the country. AjkerDeal.com has obliged in excess of 500000 items from around 500 distinct categories on the site. To buy world-class products, simply visit Ajkerdeal.com and discover every essential product of your needs under a solitary umbrella. Consistently, we are currently adding about 10000 items to our categories to attract online shoppers in BD. At the AjkerDeal platform, more than 10 thousand merchants are selling their products. They give their products at a sensible cost to the clients of AjkerDeal.com. Firstly, AjkerDeal.com confirms the quality of the products and before showing them to our clients, we confirm each item’s cost in the market. The topmost items that we sell are- medicines, essential products, toiletries & personal care products, smartphones, watches, perfumes and fragrances, shoes and sandals, hardware, different kinds of kitchen accessories, PCs and laptops, sports things, grocery and drinks, books and CD, musical instruments, home decorating items, furniture, and so many things are available for online shopping in BD!

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Our clothes are arranged based on men's and Women's shopping needs so they can arrive anything they desire. There are bunches of ladies's salwar kameez, Saree, kurti, palazzo, stockings, western dresses like skirt, tops and so forth., burka, hijab, Orna and abaya accessible on our Site for shopping online . There are additionally Punjabi, shirts, polo shirts, t-shirts pants, twill and gabardine pants, dozing pants, clothing and so on for men. Complete your style from our accumulation of shoes and sandals, calfskin things, belts and wallets, sacks and satchel and so on.

Food is an important element to live in. One needs healthy food to survive properly. The largest online shopping mall in Bangladesh, AjkerDeal has come with a large collection of food and grocery products. Essential foods like rice, lentil, oil, a variety of food items and drinks, sweets and other delicious food products are available in AjkerDeal. We have two separate categories for food, one is named as “Essentials” and the other is named as “Grocery & Food Items”. Here, you will get all the necessary food products that are needed in our daily life, such as- oils, ghee, rice, lentil, flour, atta, bread, eggs, milk, tea, juice, chocolate drinks, coffee, sugar, glucose, salt, puffed rice, sesame seeds, pepper, different types of hot spices like cinnamon, cardamom, cumin, black seed, black pepper, dried pepper, peppermint, turmeric powder, chili powder, coriander powder, cumin powder, and many more. In the category “Grocery & Food Items”, we have a huge collection of sweetmeats, curd, honey, cakes, chocolate & candies, baby foods, dry foods & snacks, oil, ghee & other cooking spices and other useful grocery items that we need in our everyday life. A food lover can easily check out for the food items in AjkerDeal.

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Medicine is one of the essential products in our day-to-day life. Medicine is used for treatments of any disease. The medicine should be taken under the supervision of the doctors. Banglameds is one of the largest online pharmacies in Bangladesh. They try to provide a wide range of prescribed and without prescribed Over the counter drugs (OTC) medicines, beauty, and health care products, baby and mom care products, sexual wellbeing products and diabetics accessories in their sites. Their product quality is quite good and they provide all types of medicines in our country. Currently, Banglameds is delivering its products at home with cash on delivery option as well as other payment methods such as bKash, cards, etc. Now AjkerDeal.com also provides Banglameds Pharmaceutical products and health care products to provide medicines without any hassle.

Some Medicines and Healthcare Products of BanglaMeds Available in Ajkerdeal.com

Ajkerdeal has made a deal with BanglaMeds to deliver their products. We are now delivering mostly Medicines, Multivitamins, Baby Food, Baby & Mom, Baby Milk, Baby Lotion, Child Care, Baby Powder, Beauty Care, Dental & Oral Care, Diabetic Care Kits, Diabetic Accessories, Eye & Ear Care, Contact Lenses, Gift Packs, Herbal Products, Health Care Accessories, Paper Napkins, Milk, Personal Care and many more. In AjkerDeal.com you will get different types of medicines, like- Acetone-Z Suspension, Acetone-Z Tablet, Acetone-Z Plus Suspension, ALGEX Tablet, ALGEX Suspension, Acidrox Plus Suspension, ALUCIL Suspension, ALUCIL Tablet, etc.

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Personal health cares include different kinds of activities such as- washing hands, washing the whole body with body wash or soaps, shaving, using shampoo in the hair, moisturizing the skins and many more. Washing is one of the most effective as well as necessary personal care. Generally, medical professionals suggest that a person should wash his whole body at least once a day. While going outside, or going in contact with other human beings every day, we got countless germs. As a result of that, we can not quit going outside or meet people. That’s why the best remedy to wash out the germs is taking a bath. After an appropriate bath, up to 95% of the germs and bacteria are generally washed out. Besides taking a bath every day, you also needed to trim or cut your facial hair as well as your hair regularly. If you do not shave or reduce them, your skin will become dull and dry. Generally, the hair captures extra dust and germs. So, to clean up yourself, you can get all these health care products online from AjkerDeal.com.

Buy Hair Care Products From AjkerDeal.com

To take care of your hair and to raise them, you need to use the hair oil regularly. Coconut oil, castor oil, olive oil jojoba oil or almond oil, etc are extremely beneficial in these cases. There are some essential oils that can grow the hair back, such as the castor oil. You can currently purchase hair oil online in BD through AjkerDeal.com. We have a huge collection of oils that can repair your hair and make them shiny and beautiful. Hair gels are that which can arrange any kind of messy hair. Individuals who have long hair need hair gel to keep their hair set all day long. Using hair gel can make the hair tough and set and it will not flow with the wind. People sometimes use hair gels to fashion and style their hair. From our wide range, you can choose your hair gel online in BD of different brands.

The Most Effective Method to Arrange Your Favourite Items: To acquire your chosen items, tap on the picture of the items and read the descriptions, and then add them in the cart by tapping on the ‘My Cart’ button. You can add more than one item in the cart and save them that you need to purchase later. After ordering, there is a system where you can check your order status with your POD number or the booking code you have given. Our Customer Service Center: Ajkerdeal.com is the greatest web-based shopping center with the best client benefit in the country. Our CRM office stays open for about 14 hours and seven days a week to give the best support of our valuable clients as well as dealers. Please don't hesitate to get in touch with us for any questions or any query at our hotline numbers- +8809638-000-777 or you can email us at info@ajkerdeal.com. Simple Refund and Replacement Policy: We have a simple and helpful discount and trade strategy for our honorable clients. In the event, if you feel any issue subsequent to accepting your items from AjkerDeal.com, items will be exchanged through a couple of some simple advances. You can get the maximum amount of your obtained items through our adaptable cash discount arrangement. You can simply send an email to the mail address- complain@ajkerdeal.com mentioning your concerns. The representatives from our Complain Management Team will check and guarantee your substitution or discount within the fastest time. Follow AjkerDeal at Different Social Media: We have our accounts on Twitter, Linkedin, Google+, etc. Also, we have a page on Facebook. Be a follower of our Facebook page for checkout our recent offers. You can also inbox us at https://www.facebook.com/ajkercrazydeal for any query. We give the best quality products at the cheapest cost in the market. So, shop online from the largest shopping online shopping mall in Bangladesh and get an amazing experience of online shopping!